Poor Dog Spent 2 Years Alone In The Kennel. But When She Saw Her Mommy? Aww!

MacKenzie Witbracht was very worried that when her dog, Malice, saw her, she wouldn’t remember who she was., She even thought Malice might be mad at her for being away so long. Why all the worry? Two years ago, Malice was taken from Witbracht by animal control because she was believed to be dangerous.

Witbracht had been fighting for her ever since. Malice was named after band, but that didn’t stop her name from being a factor in her imprisonment.

Court records show that Malice was taken by animal control after someone reported her to be dangerous based on a post that Witbracht made. It suggested that Malice had attacked other pets in her home, but Witbracht suffers from PTSD and does not recall making the post.

So Malice was taken away to stay in a kennel at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa until her fate could be decided.

At the end of last month, a judge finally decided there wasn’t enough evidence to hold the dog, and she was allowed her first visit in twenty-two months.

Witbracht and her two daughters had missed Malice desperately, but weren’t even allowed to see a picture of her. When the big day came, Malice came through the door and immediately got excited.

She kissed her owner’s face and wagged her tail so hard, her whole rear end moved. Malice had developed arthritis, and grayed some, but was still the same dog.

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Images & Feature Image Source: MacKenzie Witbracht & Facebook / Mark Tauscheck