Poor Kitten Trapped In Extreme Weather Gets A Second Chance To Life Thanks To Pokemon

Pokémon Go swept the world this summer and millions of people were out playing the game. One such person ended up saving a kitten’s life. Reddit user Zerofatorial was out wandering the streets in Portalegre, Portugal this summer is ridiculous 109-degree heat when she heard a weird noise and went to investigate.

Zerofatorial thought it was a bird at first, but went to check. The crying was coming from a tiny kitten who was stuck behind an electrical post. She knew that the kitten was in serious trouble, so she called the fire department to see if they would be able to help.

They had no idea how the kitten ended up in that spot, but knew that it must have been there for a while because it was very weak and could not even close its mouth.

Besides the cries for help, the kitten looked dead. The fireman worked hard to free the kitten, but weren’t having any luck. They did give him some water to help him cool down though and he drank which meant he hadn’t given up yet.

They used a different machine and the post busted allowing just enough room for the frightened kitten to get pulled out. The girl took the kitten home for the night and bathed him, pulling off many ticks and discovering that he was an orange kitten.

It took several months of Spock living at his home before he finally allowed one of them to pet him. After a very traumatic start to life, he is happy, safe, and loved.

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