To Prevent Their Cat From Opening The Door They Had A Plan. But Do They Succeed? LOL

We all know that we are all just one slip-up away from cats taking over all of mankind. “Planet of the Cats” looks very likely when taking a look at this insane video of a cat named “Mulder”. Pet owners can take extra precautions to prevent dogs from accessing various parts of the house; they put baby gates across doorways or boxes or chairs on the sofa to prevent them from sleeping on it.

Cats, on the other hand, are more challenging. None of those solutions work for our feline friends, as they have the ability to jump over or on pretty much any object we put in their way. Pretty much the only way we can keep our cats contained is to lock them in a room.

Of course, Mulder, using his detective skills of his possible namesake, Mulder, a detective from “The X-Files”, figured out a way to even escape from that. Kristian Svenson, Mulder’s owner, openly admits to his cat “you scare me”.

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