Printer Was ‘Eating’ Papers So This Utterly Confused Cat Comes To The Rescue!

Cats are some of the most incredible creatures, and lucky for us that we can adopt them and live with them for life if we so choose! They have incredibly fast reflexes and equally-as-impressive agility. Cats not only have a sixth sense, but probably even a twentieth sense! They say cats have nine lives, that curiosity killed the cat, and that they always land on their feet.

It seems like we’re always talking about them or watching them; cats are fascinating! Cats are often seen as regal and distinguished; able to fend for themselves. But, they’re also very active and playful when they want to be. In this video, we see a cat attacking paper as soon as it comes off of the printer.

Felines have the wonderful ability to entertain themselves with just about anything, and a printer is no exception.

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