Puppy’s Extremely Hungry, But Everyone Started Laughing When He Does THIS!

A video of an incredibly cute Boston Terrier pup excitedly munching his dinner went viral back in 2012, and just like all the other things on the internet, it has resurfaced again, turning the overly-enthusiastic pup into an internet sensation. It’s a simple, yet hilarious video of a puppy overflowing with joy as he eats his dinner.

From the very first second you could sense that the pup is just super excited. His whole body language is particularly funny and you can hear his owners giggling in the background as they watch him enthusiastically devour whatever’s in that plate.

Out of sheer excitement his legs begin to slide out and as they stretch further and further behind his back his backside suddenly lifts up and the pup is standing on his two front feet. What’s even more hilarious is that the puppy doesn’t even seem to notice it, as he’s focused way too much into the food.

His owners start giggling again as his back legs are now completely airborne, with the pup seemingly distracted by his food, not even caring that his back legs are now completely off the table. The puppy just continues eating like it’s just another day at the office, with his legs bouncing up and down a few times, before they went way above his head.

Take a look at this video!

It was at this point that the excitement came to an abrupt end, as the puppy’s legs completely caused him to completely tip over. The pup must have been eating some extremely rare delicacy.

Feature Image Source: The Bigfoot Guy