Reporter Is Live On TV, But Keep Your Eyes On The Girl Behind Him! Hilarious!

News programs are generally exactly what you expect them to be – smooth-sailing, professional, and without anything too exciting disrupting the flow. But that’s not what happened on 7 Local News during the “Street Talk” segment hosted by Scott Linden. The station caters to the Mackay community of Queensland, with Linden’s segment being short directly from local businesses.

The segment was just about to wrap up when someone walked up behind Linden, noticed the cameras, and instantly began squealing in excitement. It was a girl who was clearly loving the idea of being on TV! Wanting to look her best, she smoothed out her eyebrows and quickly fixed her hair, as though preparing for a huge stage act.

Linden quickly noticed that there was someone behind him. “Is someone there?” he asked, knowing full well that there was! He then decided to turn around to see who was behind him, and the girl quickly strode off camera. Luckily, Linden stopped her and asked if she’d like to say hello to the camera. And honestly, who wouldn’t jump at that chance?

Take a look at this video!

The girl hurried back on screen, waved, and said hello to her parents. Then, with a quick “love you” to her family, she went back off camera as fast as she’d come on! The girl is now being dubbed a superstar in the making, and with that sort of star quality, we’re not surprised! Do give this story a hearty thumbs up and share it around with your friends!

Feature Image Source: Ho Yo