Rescued From A Basement, This Cat’s 5-Pound Matted Fur Look Like A Dirty Carpet

Sinbad the cat just learned what weight loss feels like. No, he didn’t join Jenny Craig; he just got a haircut. The nine-year-old Persian was recently surrendered by an elderly man who hadn’t been able to keep up with Sinbad’s care.

In an Illinois basement, Sinbad found himself in a hairy situation when his fur became so matted that it limited his mobility and rendered his back legs useless.

The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago set to work with a few sets of trimmers and began freeing the cat from his self-made prison. Since his condition was so bad, it took two sittings to cut him free. The first time took several hours, and the last, two more hours.

Through the entire process, Sinbad began showing his true self more every minute. Since he could feel movements of his fur again, Sinbad began to show his love of attention and would constantly walk up to people to be pet.

After the whole ordeal, Sinbad found himself to be a whopping five pounds lighter and had to relearn how to use his back legs. His skin was very sensitive, but he still longed to be touched.

After his monster haircut, Elliott Serrano took Sinbad home to foster him. Serrano intended to find Sinbad a home, but his plans changed when he fell in love.

In only a few weeks, Sinbad has been rescued, lost five pounds, and found a forever home. Even though he has a grumpy face, he is very happy and you can follow his adventures on Facebook or Instagram.

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Images & Feature Image Source: Elliott Serrano & Josie Niebling