Rude Teenager Flips The Judge Her Middle Finger. His Verdict Will Make You Dizzy!

Some people really have trouble telling the difference between a laughable situation and time when they need to really buckle down and be serious. If you struggle with that, here’s a small hint: If you happened to find yourself in court for a bond hearing on a charge of possessing illegal prescription drugs, you should probably buckle down.

And, just so you know, it wouldn’t hurt to treat the judge with a little bit of respect, too. Someone should have given that advice to Penelope Soto.

The 18 year old was in that exact situation, and she was facing a $5,000 bond. So, naturally, she mouthed off to the judge. She refused to listen to a word he said, and wouldn’t even listen to any of his questions. The judge decided that because she was being so disrespectful, he would double her bail! What did Penelope do in response? OMG.

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