Senior Dog Adopts An Orphaned Raccoon… They Couldn’t Be Any Happier!

They have all the love between a mother and baby, even if they may not be the same species. This story is about a 4-month-old baby raccoon, named Jonathan, who lost his mother. After a caring family rescued him, he quickly became very attached, both physically and emotionally, to their ten-year-old dog, named Roxy. Jonathan wasn’t the only one who developed an attachment; Roxy quickly took him under her wing, or paw, rather.

Although Jonathan is like a typical baby raccoon, full of energy and rambunction, the two also love cuddling together, spending time in the backyard, and eating watermelon. Their owner, Shannon Calvert, said that Roxy always wanted babies.

“Every time she sees a baby, she’s so happy, so we introduced her to Jonathan,” she said. She also thinks that Jonathan probably doesn’t realize that his adoptive mother is of a different species. In fact, whenever he hears a dog barking in the neighborhood, he gets freaked out! It’s evident that he doesn’t realize that Roxy is a dog.

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