She Asked Her Husband If They Could Adopt A Bunny. They Ended Up With 4!

The Strachota’s decided to move to another state by way of a new job. When Brittany’s husband accepted the job, she told him there was one condition; she wanted to adopt a bunny. He agreed to the trade and shortly after moving to Seattle, the couple adopted Charles form Special Bunny which is a rescue that focuses on bunnies who have special needs.

Charles turned out to be the best friend a girl could have and followed her to bed, and everywhere else. Her husband quickly fell in love with Charles’s devotion.

The couple love him so much that Brittany decided to start volunteering at Special Bunny and began looking for a companion for Charles. It took a lot of trying to find another bunny that he got along with, but they managed to find George who instantly settled in with Charles.

Then, Charles got very sick and passed away rapidly. Not long after, they adopted Arwen, whose favorite activity is getting into trouble.

Next was Alice who was found featured in a Craigslist ad. Alice is very curious and wants to be a part of everything.

Alice immediately bonded with George which left out Arwen, so naturally, they had to get one more bunny. Arwen made a special trip to the shelter to pick out her new friend and she chose Mumble whose previous family no longer wanted him.

Each pair of bunnies spends time in their own separate areas of the house and loves to snuggle and get into mischief. The Strachota’s house will never be bunny-less now. Share away, people!

Images & Feature Image Source: Instagram/bunloafable