She Couldn’t Have Her Hubby By Her Side On Their Honeymoon… So She Takes The Most Hilarious Selfies!

It is not really the wedding day itself that excites couples the most. Yeah, it feels so cool to be able to wear a beautifully tailored outfit (because you don’t get to put on such thing that often). And, sure, it feels incredibly heartwarming to have your loved ones cry with you as you utter the words “I do”.

In truth, however, it’s the endless honeymooning–which takes place after all the rites have been carried upon–that is being looked forward to. It’s something that sends a husband and a wife into some real frenzy!

But, here’s the thing: What if your partner can’t be with you during this thrillingly essential phase of marriage? One concrete proof that such unfortunate situation happens in real life is this couple from Pakistan. No kidding!

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