Sick Cat Surrendered At A Shelter Finds The Perfect Human To Care For Her…

Mildred the cat was dropped off at the Etobicoke Humane Society in Toronto when her owner had to surrender her to move into a nursing home. Within a couple of weeks, Mildred had contracted a terrible cold and declined quickly.

The social media manager for the shelter, Becca Gordon, was holding the cat and noticing that her little body was shaking. A worker told he that Mildred needed a foster home ASAP and Gordon agreed to take her home for a while.

Gordon didn’t pan on fostering because she already had two cats, nut Mildred’s situation, mixed with her sympathy led her to do it. Mildred not only needed help with her cold, but also was refusing to eat or drink so she had to be hand force-fed.

Mildred got antibiotics and soon, Gordon noticed that the Darth Vader sounding cat kept wanting to go into the bathroom. It seemed that the steam from hot water helped break up her sinuses. The pair would sit in the bathroom with hot water going full blast until Mildred could breathe again and began sneezing.

As soon as Mildred could breathe again, her personality would show up. And boy, was it infectious! Her meow was somewhere between a squawk and a baby cry and she would bellow them out if she was separated from Gordon. She is a cuddly cat and just wants to be snuggled.

Mildred is already set to be adopted when her cold is finally gone. You can help cats like Mildred here or you can follow Mildred’s progress here.

Images & Feature Image Source: Becca Gordon