This Sleepy Dog Tries Her Best To Keep Watch Over The Napping Baby… Until She Does THIS. My Heart!

Most dogs make great babysitters. Their commitment to their work is just remarkable. They love babies so much that they would take care of them as hard as they could while mom are dad are busy doing chores. They would exert every single effort to protect their baby humans. They take oh so seriously the trust that’s been given to them, and nothing could get better than that!

You might think that what I just said were all just lies. Want proof? I’ll give you one.

Fluffy puppy Callie was entrusted the duty of watching over a sleeping 3-month-old baby. She’d gone for it with all her might, you guys! Though it was pretty obvious that the pooch was already feeling incredibly sleepy, she carried on like a true warrior!

Watch the touching video on the next slide. What this dog did after a few while of babysitting will melt your heart for real!