SOLVE THE MYSTERY: Why Is Cody Standing In The Pool?!

There is this one mystery that is currently bugging the minds of netizens all over the globe. It involves a cute Lab pooch and a pool. So, what do these two things have to do with each other?

This canine named Cody keeps standing at the bottom of the pool and everybody is perplexed why he does such thing. Is it really our business to know the reason behind all this? Anyways, we have to solve this mystery now or we’ll forever be haunted by this rare phenomenon.

YouTube/Rumble Viral

YouTube/Rumble Viral

Is he just showing off? Is he going through something difficult? Is he dismayed over something his human has done? Is he just chilling and we’re all just reading too much behind all this? Has he already given up on life? Did his girlfriend just break up with her? Did somebody steal his food?

Like, there’s a whole lot of possibilities I can’t even!

Let’s focus on his face.

YouTube/Rumble Viral

YouTube/Rumble Viral

Oh, dang, what a poker face! This has only made things even more complicated. He doesn’t want to show it on his handsome face so we’d all keep on guessing.

Are you playing games with us, Cody? What are you doing in that pool? Are you trying to pull up a prank on us, buddy?

Okay, I have an idea. Let’s just leave this guy alone. Whatever floats his boat, we have to support that!


Video by YouTube/Rumble Viral