Sweet Old Lady Starts Cracking Jokes During Her Court Hearing… And It’s Epic!

Being a bond court judge, we can be fairly certain that Judge John Hurley from Broward County, Florida, has had his share of interesting incidents while at work. Although, it can be a very stressful job to have, there are moments where it is all worth it.

80-year-old Dolores Sheinis made sure to keep true to this, and really brightened up this judge’s day! Sheinis was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, and violating an apparent injunction to stay away from her ex-husband. Dolores and her ex-husband have been divorced for 31 years,but living in the same apartment.

Despite this being her second warning, Dolores shows no sign of cooperating with the injunction, and is claiming ownership of the apartment. She claims that she hasn’t bothered her husband for 31 years, why would she start now?

Continue reading this video and see what Judge Hurley tells her!