Tank The Dog Ate All Of His Human’s Lip Balm. Now He Can’t Make Eye Contact With Her Ha!

When you are guilty of doing someone wrong, it’s just extremely difficult to be in the same room with that person. You would try your best for you two to not be in one place at the same time because it’d be plain embarrassing on your part if ever that happened. However, destiny has its own way of destroying every single one of your plans of getting away from the consequences of your misbehavior.

So, a dog recently devoured his owner’s lip balm. Like, an entire container of it. The suspect’s name was Tank, and though he knew it was so bad of him to do such thing, he pushed through with it anyway.

Now, his human cornered him, and it’s the cutest and most adorable interrogation process I’ve ever witnessed!

Watch the video on the next slide. Gosh, so adorable!