Terminal Wife Requests To Hold Her Husband. What She Whispers To Him? Tears.

To find true love is something many of us hope and dream of finding someday. Some people search high and low only to have love elude them their whole lives. Then there are the lucky ones that find that one special someone and never look back. Howard and Laura were two of the lucky ones who made it 73 years! When they began dating there were many memorable firsts and one of them was settling on “their” song, “You’ll Never Know” by Alice Faye.

It’s been proven that simply a word can evoke deep emotions and a couple’s song is usually about words they both hold dear to them and apply to their relationship. It’s those words that can be used to bring back such special moments even when one partner is saying their final farewell.

When you’re ready to watch this video on the Next Page make sure you have some tissues!