The World Invented A Machine Which Allows Your Dog To Give You Belly Rubs!

If you’re the mommy or daddy of a handful of pups, you’ll know this one thing to be true – their constant demands for attention can be exhausting! The amount of patience that you have to possess while training a dog is unbelievable. It’s almost as if they’re the ones training you!

But there’s good news, because now there’s a device that can satisfy both dog and human, a contraption that will give pup owners a rest while satisfying the canine need for attention. Even better, it’ll even give attention and treats to you, the human.

What is the glorious device? Introducing – drumroll, please – the Affectionator! (Don’t worry, it won’t tell you to come with it if you want to live!) With just the push of one button, this device will lower a gloved hand to repeatedly pat the head of your furry canine friend, and will then offer a spoonful of treats!

And if your pup’s sweet enough to return the favor, he can push a button and send a gloved hand to pet your head too. There will also be a fork armed and loaded with your favorite candies for you to enjoy.


Where has this amazing machine been all our lives? Well, there were some failed experiments during testing, but it’s finally out and ready for mass production! Well, sort of, anyway.

Take a look at this video!

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Feature Image Source: bd594