These Cats Are So Obsessed With Q-Tips That They Go Crazy Every Time Them See Them!

Everyone knows cats are plotters. While they’re stuck in shelter cages, they’re undoubtedly plotting ways to torture their next human. When Christy Dukitsch took home Huey from a Toronto shelter back in 2014, the very first thing he did when he got there was to head butt his new brother.

Despite the strange introduction, the two became best friends. The nicknamed “tiny terrorist” shocked everyone again when he got a hold of a Q-tip. He soaked in it water, and then asked his owner to play fetch.

And fetch he did. Huey loves the game and sometimes even brings his owner several water-softened Q-tips to throw. As soon as he spots them, he gets all excited and starts purring. He’s not the only one either.


Walter White is another cat from Toronto and he sneaks into his owner’s bathroom cabinet to get the Q-tips. Walter then just bats them around, chews on them, and subsequently loses them under the furniture.

His owner Melanie Orfus says that he just gets more when they’re lost which leaves Q-tips all over the house. Walter is shy and loves the cabinet behind the stove that he can open himself, so she’s even found Q-tips in the cabinets.


Since he sleeps all day until about 7 p.m., he is up all night feistily chasing Q-tips or begging for attention. We may not know why some cats are so strange but one thing we do know is that they’re all different. Some are just a little extra different. To witness a cat’s odd behavior, adopt here.

Source: Melanie Orfus & Christy Dukitsch