Third Generation Of Twins In Just One Family?

Since 2013, twins represented for about 3 in 100 births in the USA. The chances for identical twins are 3 in 1,000. So we can say that twins aren’t very common.

However, what are the chances that one twin would have twins of their own? I’ve generally heard the expression “twins keep running in the family”, yet it’s normally followed by “the twins jump over a generation!” One mom actually gave birth to three sets of twins. Have you ever met something like it?

Twins running in one family is not something unusual, but it’s a little different for the Christopher’s family. Mother Eileen is an identical twin. Eileen gave birth to identical twin boys, Justin and Jason, 31 years ago. And now, Amanda, Jason’s spouse, is pregnant with identical twins! The little girls will be the third generation of twins when they arrive.

We also wonder is Justin will also have twins. Only time can tell us that. Have you ever met families with lots of twins?