This Huge Mama Dog Adopts An Abandoned Cat Family!

After suffering unspeakable kinds of abuse, rescued animals are a special breed of animals. They need time to recover from everything and learn how to trust again.

Once they are in a loving family, some rescued animals immediately turn around in personality. If they are living with the right family, every dog that once was fearful and skittish, will be all smiles and puppy kisses.

This boxer named Gina had been terribly abused. But her life turned around once she was in a loving home. One day, while on a walk, Gina and her owner came across a cat and her kittens that had been left next to a trash can. Lucy, the mother cat, recently had delivered her babies.

Gina took Lucy and her babies’ right in and has since then become their owner. Gina watches the babies as if they were her own and treats Lucy like her own sibling she needs to take care. Gina is something like this pit bull dad who adopted a small kitten as his baby. Dogs can be very caring and sweet animals.

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