This Is How The Annual Red Crab Migration In Christmas Island Looks Like. I Can’t Believe My Eyes!!!


YouTube/Rumble Viral

That is some gorgeous floor to boot! So tastefully done. Simple yet artsy. A real eye candy. It doesn’t look like your usual floors, does it? Where must’ve they gotten such modish design?

YouTube/Rumble Viral

I’m just playing. That is not and would never be some kind of floor. That actually is a fascinatingly massive cast of baby crabs making their way back to the mainland! Can’t believe your eyes, eh? Me, too!

What you’re seeing is the annual red crab migration that happens in Christmas Island. Basically, mommy crabs would travel to the island and lay their eggs there. After successful hatching, that’s what happens–some legit crab invasion courtesy of excited babies heading back home!

YouTube/Rumble Viral

Somebody pinch me. Is that really a bunch of baby crabs? Seriously? That is insane!!!

Video by YouTube/Rumble Viral