This Is What A Cat Family Would Look Like. When You Visit Them, Don’t Forget The Yarn!

Do you ever look around at your family members and wonder how you’re related to any of them? They can be weird, funny, or exhausting, and sometimes you’ll ask yourself if you could have been adopted into this mismatch of personalities. But not to worry!

Every family has these particular members, so you are not alone. And yes, I said every family. So that includes cats! Here are 7 types of cats in the family. Don’t forget to go to the ‘Next Page’ to continue reading!

1. The Drunkard

Keep the alcohol away from this cat! Without fail, every time you meet them, this kitty downs three glasses to your one. They’ll end up sobbing over past failed relationships with the stray cats next door, clawing your arms as they search for support when they trip over a ball of yarn.