This Old Cat Was So Happy To Be Rescued That She Couldn’t Stop Purring!

The average lifespan of pet cats is 15. If you’ve had lots of cats throughout your life, probably you’ve had more than few cats pass that age.

20-year-old Oswald is an orange tabby. He’s still going strong no matter he might be older than most kittens! In any case, Oswald’s past owners didn’t agree. They gave the feline to a shelter, without letting them know his name or why they needed to surrender him.

Luckily, that wasn’t the end of Oswald’s story; it was the start of his new life! Thankfully to the Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary, Oswald is doing extraordinary.

A member from the Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary chose to take Oswald into her sanctuary and give him some new hope and better life.

Most felines don’t like water or baths; however Oswald appeared to be happy to at last be clean.

“This boy is a champ. He let me bathe him, and he ate everything I put down for him, all he needed was some chin scratches,” told Karyn, Oswald’s new owner.

He may have a grouchy face, however Oswald adores individuals and is excited to associate with ones who love him back!

Oswald hasn’t stopped purring once since arriving in his new home.

“He wants you to know he adores you,” told his owner. He’s always behind me no matter where I am.”