This Poor Dog Was Just Moments From Being Eaten. Then THIS Miracle Happened!

One person’s determination can completely change a life. Harper the golden retriever was living in fear on an illegal dog meat farm in South Korea. She’d been born there with many other pups, all whom were in need of rescuing. When the Humane Society International found and shut down the farm, a picture of Harper went online.

As soon as Reddit user daisyintheair saw the photograph, she knew she simply had to have Harper, and she was willing to do anything to adopt her and take her home.

It wasn’t easy to track her down, and daisyintheair had no idea which shelter in the U.S. she’d been sent to. But finally, success!

She located the pup and took her home. Harper was easily frightened and nervous at first, but with some tender loving care, she grew to become the playful, friendly pup she’s always been inside.

She was showered with attention and love everywhere she went, even when she didn’t necessarily want it! The kindness shown towards her helped her to relax and learn to be happy.

She’s even been managing her fear of water with a cute yellow raincoat!

Since adopting her, daisyintheair has shared tons of pictures of Harper’s improvement with the world. You can see she’s a fun-loving pup with a fantastic smile!

With perseverance, Harper’s life was changed for the better and she found a forever loving home. You, too, can help a pup by adopting from a shelter today! Don’t forget to like and share away!

Feature Image Source: Imgur / thepursuitofharperness