This Puppy Was Abandoned Because He Couldn’t Stand. The Life He Lives Today? Wow!

Hugo was thrown out as a puppy when his owners noticed a problem with his legs. The four-week-old puppy couldn’t walk like his siblings because he was born with swimmer puppy syndrome, an odd genetic condition that leads a puppy to making flailing leg motions.

Luckily for Hugo, he was found and taken to a shelter where the manager, Audrey Shoemaker realized he didn’t belong. Then, there was Jason Flatt, founder of Friends of the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, who agreed to take Hugo from the shelter.

And last but not least, The Tucker Farm family who agreed to foster him. It was Christmas time and, even though owner Elizabeth LaBauve-Williams had family in town, she just couldn’t say no to the homeless, lonely pup.

LaBauve-Williams says that Hugo may never walk normal, but she is hoping that he will be able to get around enough for a great life.

Hugo now gets legs massages, water therapy, friendship, and lots of love. Huppy, another dog at the farm, is a great friend to him as well as LaBauve-Williams’ two daughters Adelyn, 3, and Jane, 1.5.

The two girls help Hugo with therapy and pick him up when he gets down and is ready to give up. Just a few weeks after his arrival, Hugo is already making wobbly strides and has become feisty and determined to walk.

When he is able to get around well enough, he will be ready to find his forever family. If you want to apply to love Hugo, check here or just follow his story here.

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Images & Feature Image Source: The Tucker Farm