Tiny Kitten Gives Her Elder Sister A Bath Of A Lifetime… And It’s Heavenly!

We all know that cat baths aren’t much like human baths! There’s rarely any water involved, as most cats can’t stand that, and it has more to do with a lot of licking and grooming. While cats usually bathe themselves, sometimes, they’ll allow a trusted friend to do it for them. This video captures the essence of such a close friendship – but it’s far fluffier than you might have imagined!

This fuzzy little kitten has decided to give her older friend, Pinecone, a bath. Pinecone has very fluffy white fur, and it’s adorable to see the young kitten grooming her with such care. It’s an explosion of poufy fur! Pinecone looks a bit disgruntled by the attention she’s getting from her smaller friend, but she graciously accepts her grooming. Let’s face it – how can anyone say no to a little kitty that cute?

If there was a cat bathing business, the small kitten would be made for it! She carefully holds Pinecone’s head steady as she works, moving along her fur and making sure she doesn’t miss a single spot. Even though Pinecone seems unimpressed, we all know she secretly is as she enjoys her bath and appreciating all the love the kitten has to give!

Take a look at this video!

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Feature Image Source: Elle Fowler