Tiny Kitten Is Taking A Bath… And She’s Going To Melt Your Heart Like Warm Butter!

The most common fact you might hear about cats is that they hate water. But that isn’t necessarily true! I know, I know, I didn’t believe it either at first. My two cats take off for the hills the minute a hint of a bath reaches their senses, and then fight tooth and nail to get away from the water. Naturally, I didn’t think any cat would be up for a bath – but then I watched this video!

Morning the kitten actually enjoys taking baths! Maybe it’s because she gets to look super cute while sitting in the tub. This adorable kitten actually wears a little pink shower cap while she’s being bathed! She looks so cute with it on! Her mom rinses her gently as she sits in the immense number of soap bubbles surrounding her. That’s one pampered kitty!

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