Watch: Rare Kind Of Fish Caught On Camera For The First Time!

A rare fish was recently discovered paddling around the deepest part of the earth!

NOAA Ocean Explorer

NOAA Ocean Explorer

It is interesting to note that our buddy–which somehow looks like Casper, The Friendly Ghost–was never seen breathing and alive and kicking by anyone. Ever. Until a few days ago, of course!

Folks from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been recently exploring Marianas Trench through their ship called Okeanos Explorer when they brushed elbows with this underwater gem, which is believed to hail from Aphyonidae family.

“This is just remarkable,” said NOAA National Marine Fish Service’s Dr. Bruce Mundy in the video. “This is really an unusual sighting,” he added.

“Some of us working with fish have wish lists, you know, a sort of bucket list of what we might want to see. And a fish in this family was probably first on those lists for a lot of us,” Bruce further stated.

Watch that absolutely rare and special sighting here:

Video by Youtube/NOAA Ocean Explorer