When You See How These Rescue Puppies Play Outside For The First Time? Tears.

Experiencing new things can be a real roller coaster ride! That’s why when these puppies went outside to play for the very first time, the moment just had to be captured on camera. It all started when a pregnant Maltese mix pup was saved from a California shelter by a rescue group known as 2nd Chances Rescue.

The group assisted the dog and helped her to get the care she needed so that she could deliver healthy puppies into the world. And the strong mother pup succeeded, with a whole litter of adorable, strong, happy puppies to call her babies!

Together with PAWsitive, 2nd Chances Rescue filmed these puppies as they explored the world outside their home for the first time. Starting from a little basket, these young fur balls made it out onto the grass. They were a little frightened at first of the new, uncharted territory, but soon enough, they began to have fun!

Take a look at this video!

These puppies now get to frolic, romp, and play around in the grass without reservations. It’s about time that their life began. Luckily, they’ve all been adopted into forever loving homes! However, don’t forget that there are plenty of rescue pups in need of a family at 2nd Chances Rescue, so check them out! Don’t forget to like and share!

Feature Image Source: PAWsitive