When You See What This Dad Did To His Wife After A Painful Birth? Aww!

If there’s anything that will warm your heart more than the heat of summer, it’s this doting father’s German shepherd’s undying love for his wife after she’s given birth to their babies! After the long process of labor, this new mother is exhausted as she nurses her newborn puppies, and her husband is there to hold her hand – or rather, paw – through all of it.

It’s impossible not to feel touched by this new father’s gentle love towards his wife as he gives her lots of licks and love, ensuring that she’s comfortable and happy. He’s so gentle with her that you just know he’ll be a fantastic father to these puppies.

Who wouldn’t want a baby daddy like this? He showers his beloved with kisses as she tends to their children. We wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to give her a back rub and a paw massage next! Maybe he’ll even serve her a delicious breakfast in bed before helping her to get the kids ready for the day.

Take a look at this video!

Whatever it is, this happy couple is complete #RelationshipGoals! We can’t wait to see how he fathers his babies and raises them to be just as sweet and friendly as he is! Did you love this story? Don’t forget to like and share with your friends if you did! Spread the joy!

Feature Image Source: Eric Alexanyan