Woman Comes Home To A Fluffy Intruder. What This Prowler Does Next Will Definitely Tickle Your Heart!

So, you just arrived home only to find out that someone broke into your place. A complete stranger trespassed your private property. Of course, you’d be at great tension and you’re suddenly on defense mode.

But, what if it’s actually an adorable koala that has invaded your house?

That was what recently happened to Aussie Nikki Erickson. She came home to such a fluffy surprise. The creature sneaked through a pet door, taking advantage of the fact that nobody’s home and no one’s gonna shoo him away.

Facebook/Nikki Erickson

Facebook/Nikki Erickson

Nikki, however, never had the slightest idea that the koala had something for her. The animal was actually very willing to put on a show, probably his own way of saying sorry for the mistake he’s committed. All he needed was a pole in order to get the job done!

Video by YouTube/Nikki Erickson

Nikki was so entertained of this koala’s pole-dancing skills that she immediately had forgiven him.

“Absolutely made my week!!!” Nikki said.