You Won’t Believe What This Guy Is Doing With Two Polar Bears At The Zoo!

Would you be entertained or terrified if a bear was following your every move? Like most of the people, I’m sure you’d be a little bit frightened. Particularly if it was a polar bear keeping a close eye on you!

It isn’t extraordinary in case you’re at the zoo and a polar bear is watching you. But it is a little uncommon when a polar bear is playing with a human! Recently, a group of companions went to the Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands. One man saw the polar bear mimicking his movements and chose to have some fun!

This man was different from some adults or kids who insult animals at the zoo. He’s really having a good time alongside two polar bears. The littler polar bear, Fizzle, is totally enraptured in what the man is doing. When he ducks, the polar bear goes making a plunge right after him. It looks like very cute!

Fizzle is very excited to have a companion to play with! In this video you can see all of their games. It’s always interesting to see videos like this.

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