You’ll Absolutely Fall Head Over Heels In Love With This Kitty’s Thick Eyebrows. Beautiful!

There is something about Lilly that is just irresistibly attractive–her thick eyebrows. I’m telling you, she’s working it like a true diva! She no longer has to spend money on eyebrow cosmetics, you guys. Like, she’s already beautiful, and effortlessly at that!

And, because she knows that a lot of kitties as well as humans are jealous of her bushy brows, she seems a little too self-assured that she’d usually give you this I-know-I-am-hot-and-fab-so-do-not-mess-with-me look. I mean, we can’t really blame Lilly. She looks captivating without even trying, so she’s extra-confident.

That said, let me feed your eyes with some of Lilly’s best shots. Get ready to be bewitched!

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