You’re About To Watch A First-Ever Footage Of A Great White Shark Napping!

When you think of great white, the Jaws theme song probably starts playing in your head. These creatures are known for being fearsome predators, and although many are aware that they are friendlier than they seem, it’s certain that very few imagine a great white getting forty winks mid-swim.

A team of scientists from Pelagios Kakunjá and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution were following and tracking a great white shark they’d dubbed Emma as she made her way through the seas.

They found the shark swimming in the shallow waters surrounding Guadalupe Island, near Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. The researchers then witnessed something never seen before. Emma, one of the kings and queens of the sea, appeared to be taking a nap.

Take a look at this video!

The great white swam face first into a 3km / hour current, her mouth gaping open as she went. She barely appeared to moving much aside from to swim, and she seemed to be in an almost catatonic state. Her daze was attributed to a sleep-like state. However, she cannot truly ever sleep, for failing to continue to swim would be fatal for her.

The current that she swam through in her sleep allowed oxygen-rich water to pass through her gills easily. Everyone needs to nap once in a while, even these terrifying predators. Don’t believe me? Check out this video here, released by Discovery in honor of Shark Week. Don’t forget to like and share!

Feature Image Source: Discovery