16 Ryan Reynolds Tweets That Will Definitely Make Your Day!

1. How to make grocery shopping less disgusting…


2. Isn’t it QUITE too long for a “time out”, Ryan?


3. Sometimes I think this guy’s crazy. Like, LEGIT crazy!


4. He’s the kind of guy women don’t usually prefer to be the father of their children.


5. He’s also the kind of guy you’d be a little embarrassed to be with in public.


6. Getting even with your own daughter be like…


7. You could have given her a more polite answer, Ryan.


8. That being said, there is no Deadpool without THE Dolly Parton.


9. Just simply say you forgot to zip your pants, Ryan.


10. When your dad is the meanest person in the world…


11. Maybe, it has more to do with your reading skills and less to do with your needing to undergo vasectomy.


12. Lo and behold, Ryan Reynolds gets anxious, too!


13. I hope his kids don’t stumble upon this tweet someday.


14. Blake ain’t pleased.


15. On brotherhood and how the single word “fleek” can affect it…


16. This is quite alarming, actually.