The Scientific Explanation Behind Cats And Their Strange Behaviors

It is extremely difficult to figure out what’s going on in a cat’s mind. They can be moody – playful and sweet in one moment, vicious in the other moment! It is full of bizarre characteristics and it leaves you wondering why cats are so complex? It is certainly exciting to understand a cat’s behavior and why they act in a certain fashion, but you may be surprised at the myriad of things that go through a cat’s mind. These intelligent creatures are as complicated as human beings and it’s time you respected them as equals, if not superior –

1. Your Cat Can Surely Bend That Way


Cats have extremely flexible bodies. That is why they can drop from a height without getting hurt. Their skeletal and muscular system has a lot of softness. This soft texture of their physiological framework gives it a lost of abrasive pliability. They actually have 53 vertebrae on their spines, while a human only has a measly 34. So stop trying to best your kitten during morning yoga "” they've got you beat by 19 vertebrae!

2. A Cat’s Intelligence Easily Outstrips A Dog’s Intelligence


If you thought that dogs were smart enough, then it is time you reconsider this statement. By these standards, cats are geniuses. In fact, comparing a cat’s and dog’s brain is like weighing Einstein’s brain against an ape’s. Blame it on the difference in the brain matter of these two creatures. Cats have 300 million neurons in their brains, while dogs have just 160 million. In fact, a cat's brain is considered to be extremely similar to a human's brain, so expect a feline uprising any day now.

3. Whiskers Detect Distances And Movements By The Air's Vibration


Every animal has these super-sensory organs, which gives them a sixth sense. Ants have antennae, and dogs have a sensory tissue covering on their noses. Similarly, cats have whiskers, and you will be amazed at what they can do. Whiskers are actually crucial to a cat's survival in the outdoors. So don't be too scared if your cat runs off "” they have survival tools built right into their bodies!

4. What's The Deal With Cats And Catnip?


Just like humans are addicted to weed, cats are hooked to catnip. And when we say hooked up, then it means a big time. Cats naturally have the scent of catnip bound to their nasal passages, so when they get a whiff of the herb, it stimulates the sensory receptors in their brains "” and makes them act a little lovey-dovey. Have you ever seen those YouTube videos when cats get high on catnip? You have to see it to believe it.

5. Cats Spend Majority Of The Day Sleeping


If Mom thought you were being a lazy slob, then bring home a cat. They snore off, never to wake up. Well, that’s kind of exaggerating. In fact, you will feel pretty jealous of just how long a cat can sleep for, which is at least 12-16 hours a day. Cats just don't know how lucky they are! Now, what’s your mother’s opinion about you.

6. Cats Have Dominant Paws


Human brains are wired in a particular way. It makes one side more dominant than the other. Same applies in the case of cats. Males have an affinity of using their left paws. Be it scratching themselves or catching a preys, they instinctively switch as southpaws. Females are more likely to use their right paws. No word yet on if the whole "right brain, left brain" thing exists with cats. There could be other animals in the animal kingdom who have these kinds of traits.

7. Cats Can Change Color


It seems as if the chameleon left his job, so the cat took it up. But doesn’t it sound peculiar? Well, the cat does change color, maybe not in the way you're thinking. Siamese cats have a gene modifier that technically makes them albino, but when they're introduced to high temperatures, portions of their fur turns gray or even black. So next time you see a cat changing color, don’t assume that it’s possessed. It’s just using it’s modifier.

8. Want Your Cat To Stop Leaping Onto The Kitchen Table? Try Spraying Lemon Water


If somebody is fussy about what goes into their mouths, then the cat tops the list. They are very particular about their diet. Moreover, being a feline means all food groups don’t suit them. Cats being the pickiest of eaters are especially sensitive to bitter and citrusy flavors. So they will quickly learn to avoid the lemony spray.

9. Cats Spend Half Of The Day Cleaning Themselves


If somebody could give Kim Kardashian a run for their money, then it is your pet tabby. Cats spend 30%-50% of the day cleaning their bodies! Better than blowing up millions at the beauty salon. Much like us with showering, grooming improves a cat's circulation and prevents any unseemly odors. Not only that, their saliva contains healing properties as well.

10. A Purring Cat Can Help You To Improve Your Mood


If you thought that the cat’s whining was a waste of time, then think again. The purring sound has other surprising healing properties as well. Purring can be restorative to a cat's health, and it even helps heal problems with bones and tissues. But if you are stressed out, the cackly purrs can even help in alleviating your bad mood. Talk about the benefits of having cats in your house.

11. A Major Lifestyle Change Can Affect Your Cat’s Immune System


Cats are particular about schedules and routines. Once they make something a habit, then it stays a habit for life. And, don’t you dare to change it! Why? Studies have shown that something as simple as a change in routine can negatively impact a cat's immune system and make it sick. Even a healthy cat can be affected!

12. Thanks To Their Remarkable Bodies, Cats Really Have Nine Lives


We have already told you about the amazing flexibility of a cat’s bones and muscles. Moreover, their bodies are extremely lightweight. That’s not all! They have another tool in their arsenal. Cats have a "straightening reflex," meaning that some of the tiny balancing-organs in their ears help tell a cat when they will hit the ground and how to land on their feet.

13. Cats Often Choose To Sleep in Places That Are High-Up And Hidden


You must have seen cats sleeping on a tree top. Even if you give them the coziest beds on the ground, they prefer to sleep on such absurd locations. It is not a worthless move. The cat acts in such a way for remaining unseen by potential predators. This is just more proof that modern-day cats are not so different from cats in ancient times!

14. Some Cats Can Be Allergic To People


What? Yes, you have read that right. If you thought that it is only us humans who are allergic to cats, then you are so wrong! Even cats are allergic to something. That ‘something’ is us – humans. It's estimated that approximately 1 in 200 cats suffers from asthma caused by dusty and unkempt living conditions. Luckily, cat inhalers exist.

15. Stray Cats And House Cats React In The Same Manner


All cats irrespective of breed behave in the same manner. If you've stepped on your cat's tail, the high-pitched shriek and bared fangs you get in return are exactly what you'd see in a stray. A cat's DNA never changes, so when threatened they revert right back to the wild ways of their ancestors. Other cats in the family have similar habits as well.

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