8-Month-Old Tot Meets Her Newborn Cousin For The First Time. She Loses Her Mind (Well, Almost)!

Babies are a source of entertainment without them even trying!

They have the power to give you certain emotions that are completely alien to you. They can make you bawl your eyes out because they’re that innocent and gentle and inspiring. Most of all, they can crack you up in a jiffy because they are that funny.

I’m pretty sure you’re going to love this video of an 8-month-old girl meeting her cousin for the very first time.

YouTube/Caters Clips

YouTube/Caters Clips

She’s so excited coming face to face with the neonate that she almost lost her mind! Adults had to tell her off a few times because she’s already getting hysterical. But,then again, she’s just happy to meet her little cousin.

Video by YouTube/Caters Clips