Baby Enjoys Company Of His Dad… Until He Shaves His Beard!

There are tons of videos online about babies weirdly reacting to their shaven dads, but this thing right here might just topple down every single one of those.

YouTube/David&Elizabeth Lee

YouTube/David&Elizabeth Lee

The first part of the clip shows a healthy baby and a massively bearded dad having some fun time in the living room. They look like they’re okay with each other’s company. Both parties are in high spirits.

The main event, however, doesn’t happen till the second part.

The video cuts to that moment when dad already has a towel wrapped around the lower part of his face with the baby still in front of him.

Suddenly, the man drops the towel.

Little tot looks at her dad so intently she could melt him.

It goes on like that for seconds.

If you want to know how all hell had broken loose, watch the video here:

Video by YouTube/David&Elizabeth Lee

So, it’s pretty clear that the baby doesn’t dig dad’s new, clean look. She be like: “Dad, you look like an innocent little suckling without your beard. I’m the only baby in the house, remember?” Well, the video is open to your own interpretations as well, so speak your minds below!