This Baby Has Never Heard Anything Before. But When He Did? *Goes In The Corner And Cries.

No one could ever describe the happiness that parents feel upon hearing their babies speak for the first time. It’s music to their ears that their hearts are suddenly filled with delight. Only if they could put that moment in a bottle and keep it forever, they definitely would.

But, it was kind of the other way around for a family in Australia. Their little baby boy named Jordan Blair, who’s now three months old, has never heard any single sound. He’s yet to hear mom’s and dad’s voices… the sound of his toys… because he was born with hearing impairment.

Recently, however, life became so much brighter for Jordan because he finally was able to make use of his tiny ears with the help of a hearing device. It was such a wonderful moment for the whole family. Jordan’s reaction was just priceless!

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