Brother With Down Syndrome Does Exactly As Asked, But When He Says THIS? OMG.

We’ve all heard the term “brotherly love” before but what does it really mean? Classically brothers are actually pretty rough with each other and don’t usually show their love openly because “it’s not something little boys do”.

However, in this video we are not only reminded of just how strong some brothers love can be for each other but also the undying support and protection brothers can provide as well. Meet Griffin and Turner, they’re brothers.

When the video first begins we can see that Turner has down syndrome. It’s a disease which affects the 21st chromosome and can cause developmental delays.

Of course being a child is already hard enough when you begin school, but to be a child with special needs it can be a daily routine of defending yourself against bullies while trying to fit in. It can be a challenge that many child suffer through alone and feeling bad for being different.

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