If You Have Children, This Is What Two Minutes Of Silence Looks Like. #7 Is A Facepalm

Parents all around the world are no stranger to the phrase, “I just left you for two minutes!” But children are curious and put their hearts into everything they do, so when they’re left unsupervised and find something interesting… well, let’s just say a disaster’s brewing.

A lot of times they’re done with nothing but the best intentions, too, so you know all they want to do is help Mom and Dad! These pictures will make you sigh, laugh, and remember all the times you realized that you couldn’t leave your kids alone for even a second. Enjoy!

1. Well, there were far too many letters on the keyboard, so I tried to make it simpler for Dad!

2. Maybe there’s something cool in this funny clothes-washing box?

3. Who needs sandboxes when you can have flour floors!

4. Magazines look like tissues, and they’re both made of paper – why can’t they both be used in the toilet?

5. The dogs were hungry, Mom!

6. Look, Mom, we made our own cloud!

7. Your passport looked boring, so I made it pretty for you!

8. But Mom puts stuff on her face all the time!

9. We, too, thought flour floors are better than sandboxes.

10. Is this taking pretending to be animals a little too far?

11. But Mom, I thought your favorite color is blue!

12. Do I blend in with my surroundings now?

13. There’s no better canvas than my brother!

14. If we put soil everywhere, then plants will grow everywhere! That’s how it works, right Mom? Mom?

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Feature Image Source: Brightside