Daddy Asks His Little Girl To Sing Her Favorite Song. How She Sings? Heart Melting!

Are you in need of a good dose of cute today? Well then, you’re in luck! This video right here is guaranteed to make you smile and maybe even laugh. It centers around Josie, a 23-month-old girl who is destined for superstardom. She loves to sing, and after her dad Eric asks her to sing “Old MacDonald” for him, you can clearly see just how much!

Tightly holding her stuffed toy in her hands, she begins to sing in the most adorable voice, and it seems like she knows all the words – does she? It doesn’t matter, because who wouldn’t want to listen to that lovely voice? What’s even better is how she makes sure to put emphasis on the “E I E I O” part of the song. There’s no way you won’t grin at that!

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