If Dogs Went To Work, This Is What A Typical Workplace Would Look Like!

You spend hours upon hours a week at work, and unfortunately, you soon discover that not everyone in your office is much fun to work with. Wouldn’t you be glad to know that you’re not alone? Dogs go through these problems with their fellow colleagues too! Here are the 9 types of dogs you meet at work.

1. The Storyteller

This pup never seems to be at their desk and can usually be found loudly discussing their exploits at other tables. Dan always seems to have had the best weekend, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from listening to his tales of awesome parties involving delicious peanut butter shots and dancing poodles. LOL.

2. The Quarterback

It’s not that this pup is any good at American football – she’s just really good at tossing work off to another person. Sally usually passes quarterly reports to someone else and sends you along to make the copies needed for that meeting about pet parks. Who made her queen?

3. The Slacker

If not working was a talent, this fur ball would win all the awards. Robert spends more time browsing pictures of sunsets and tennis balls on Doggiegram than he ever will typing up that report on pup food sales. You’re pretty sure you’ve seen him watching Games of Fetch on PupTube way more often than doing work. But then there’s…

4. The Workaholic

Does Lisa even ever go home? You’re pretty sure you’ve never seen this pup away from her desk. She passes up fried chicken and bacon lunches in favor of devising marketing plans for the newest Kong toy treat recipes. She’s also never left the office before you. Doesn’t she have an owner to go home to?

5. The Suck-up

Your chances of getting that promotion might be reduced by Aaron. If office politics were a game, he’d emerge champion. He’s always working hard to get the boss on his side, whether it’s by throwing in an extra bone for his lunch or assuring him that he can secure new clientele with that collar brand. He’ll run any errand for the big boss – anything to earn his favor.

6. The Fridge Thief

You were quite sure that you left your yummy chicken-and-veggie tinned dog chow in the fridge. Where did it go? Ah, yes, only Rebecca could have taken it. She never seems to have any food of her own. Why would she need any, when she raids the fridge for treats every day?

7. The Newbie

Whether an intern or someone fresh to the job, this dog is either extremely enthusiastic or way too nervous. Ryan’s a little too jittery with orders from the boss and finish up his work way too quickly. You’re almost jealous of his energy as he brings you your morning chicken broth from Starpups at twice the speed it would have taken you. Boy, does he make you feel old.

8. The Know-It-All

There’s no nice way to say this. Andrea gets on your nerves. No matter what you do, she’s always certain she can do it faster and better. You’re pretty sure that if you gave her the chance, she’d tell you how wrongly you’re chasing your tail and insist that her way guarantees its capture within two minutes. Sometimes, though, her advice turns out to be right, but that just makes you envy her even more.

9. The Invisible

You don’t know much about this fur ball at all. You barely remember their name, much less what they do here, and they mostly keep to themselves. Your only reminder that they exist is when you bump into them at the water bowl.

Well, there you have it – all the dogs you’ll be lucky enough to call your co-workers! Do give this a like and share if you enjoyed it.

Feature Image Source: Funny Dog Site