Horse Says Final Goodbye To His Best Friend Leaving Everyone In Tears

Wagner Figueiredo de Lima once had a horse named Sergio. Sergio and his owner were inseparable until recently when they were dealt a serious blow and separated forever. Earlier this week, Lima had a fatal car wreck near his home in Paraiba, Brazil.

Tuesday, all of Lima’s friends and family gathered for his funeral procession to show how much he meant to them before he was laid to rest.

Lima’s brother Wando knew that his brother would not be happy if Sergio was not there, so he brought the horse along. When Lima’s coffin drove through the procession, Sergio went to him. The horse sniffed all around the coffin and gave one loud neigh of good-bye to his long-time best friend.

Everyone in the area said that the scene was very emotional causing them to cry. After his good-bye, Sergio bent down and laid his head on the coffin for a few moments.

Wando said that Sergio was everything to Lima and that it was apparent the horse knew what was going on and wanted to say his good-bye too.

After the tear-jerking moment, they all proceeded to walk Lima to his resting place even as Sergio cried the whole way.

The horse whimpered and beat the ground with his hooves in a final few minutes of grief. Sergio has been taken home with Wando so that he can stay in the family.

The extent of animals’ emotions may be something we never understand, but at times like this, it’s very apparent that they run just as deep as ours. Share away, people.

Images & Feature Image Source: Kyioshi Abreu/Portal Diário do Sertão