How This Kitten Reacts When Her Favorite Song Comes Up? EPIC!

Music is known for touching the heart, for inspiring emotion, and for being pretty awesome in general. Regardless of your taste in tunes or favorite genres, it’s almost certain that you have that one song that makes you want to dance, rock out, or smile contentedly. Winnie the adorable rescue kitten sure has one! Guess what it is? That’s right, it’s Uptown Funk!

Winnie is a cute little cat who was rescued as a stray by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Now, she lives in a foster home, where she receives a lot of love, attention, and much-needed care. She’s definitely living the high-life, and her happiness leads her to dance along when her favorite song comes on.

While sitting on her foster parent’s bed, the song begins to play, and this cat starts bobbing her head around and dancing to the beat. It’s the cutest, most magical thing you’ll ever see! She’s so happy with her new life that she can’t help but feel like dancing, and boy, is that energy infectious! She could get a whole crowd on their feet with that sort of enthusiasm.

Take a look at this video!

Many more shelter animals are in need of love and homes, and taking one in will give you as much joy as Winnie shows us in this video! Do consider fostering or adopting a lovely rescued pet. They’ll love you forever for it! Don’t forget to like and share, too!

Feature Image Source: Shelter Cats and Kittens