Ring Bearer With Down Syndrome Steals Everyone’s Hearts At The Wedding!

A wedding is the most important day in someone’s life. It’s a magical time when families come together to celebrate love. But sometimes weddings can be even more special than one would regularly assume.

Such is the case with the wedding that you can see in the video on the Next Page. Usually the bride is the person getting most of the attention as she walks down the aisle, but this wedding has a special guest named Brayden who is stealing the hearts of everyone in attendance.

Brayden is a toddler who suffers from Down syndrome, but here Brayden is proving that his spirit can conquer any adversity! Brayden’s mom, Jenny Mayer, says that while, yes, the little boy may be hitting his developmental milestones a little later than other kids, he is spectacular in his own right.

Take a look at this breath-taking video on the Next Page!