This Adorable Two-Year-Old Boy Likes To Drive His Dad’s Car To The Store!

When we were younger, one of the first things we all looked forward is learning how to drive. There’s simply something about having the opportunity to travel everywhere and that makes all of us feel like grown-up.

But, most of us need to wait until we’re no less than 16 before we can get in the driver’s seat of an auto and drive ourselves around. But, for one eager baby, holding up until he achieves his adolescent years is just impossible. He has got places to go, and he needs to go right now.

At the point when his dad finds him hanging out by the entryway, this two-year-old makes it clear that he needs to go to the store, and he needs to drive himself. Rather than smashing his young child’s fantasies, this father chooses to hand over the keys and send the kid on his way.

Yet, even with both hands on the wheel and keys in hand, there’s still one thing that stands in his direction: the way that he doesn’t know how to drive. In spite of the fact that he doesn’t exactly make it to the store, this is one family story he’ll be hearing for the rest of his life.

You can also noticed that Dad made sure to tell his child afterward that he should never play around autos or in the road without his mother or father there to watch him. Father knows to keep the keys far from his child unless he’s there to watch out for everything just to ensure everybody stays safe!