At Only 10 Months Old, This Brave Little Man Already Survived 5 Cardiac Arrests

“He has won battles which would have floored most adults. He’s my inspirational little fighter.”

That was what mom Laura Knight told Mirror when asked about his 10-month-old son, Lennox.



He is just a baby, but he’s already surmounted numerous ordeals enough to have trounced someone his age. But, he’s fighting. He’s never lost the will to live.

Lennox has hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He was born with the left part of his tiny heart massively underdeveloped. At three days old, he went through his first major surgery.

At 12 days old, he suffered his first cardiac arrest.

Then, in the following months, he’d be suffering four more critical attacks.

Lennox, 10 months old, has survived five cardiac arrests as of this writing.

It was during Laura’s prenatal scans that she and her partner Jordan first found out about the abnormalities in the baby’s heart. “We felt crushed there could be something wrong with our baby after having two healthy boys,” the mother said. Specialists offered them one option–abortion.

But, the couple decided to push through with the pregnancy. They’re willing to have the baby no matter what his condition is. “I knew I could never fix his heart, but I know how much love we can give and I knew we would be by his side through thick or thin,” Laura confessed.

Lennox’s dad can’t be any prouder of his courageous little kiddo. “He may only be a baby, but Lennox has taught us so much about life. He’s written his own book of survival,” Jordan said.



Lennox is still being treated by specialists. With his family’s undying love and support behind him, he’ll surely make it through all this. You’re going to do just fine, young man.

(Lennox’s treatment is currently being supported by The Sick Children’s Trust.)