This Guy Is A Master Of Taking Cool Selfies. Wait Till You See Them!

Allan Dixon, is a talented photographer, from Ireland. Not only is he talented at photography, but also gifted in befriending any animal that crosses his path! He combines his two gifts, by taking selfies with these animals, and they seem more-than-willing to oblige!

“One selfie can take between five minutes to three hours. It depends on the animal and how safe it feels. Luckily, what the photos don’t show is the amount of dirt I got on me while rolling around on the ground just to take the photos. But the results were worth it,” Dixon explains.

So, how exactly does he get them to pose for selfies with him? He says to first gain the animal’s trust, and remain calm. Take a look at these 13 photos!

This little guy looks happy to have Allan there with him!